Minister’s Update – 14th June 20 – The Loveliness is Everywhere

Dear Friends

In the week after the tragic death of George Floyd, as people have taken to the streets, to call out racism and demand justice, both in this country and the U.S; in these times of pandemic, with loss and change all around us, and uncertainty still before us; faced with so much turmoil in the news (and perhaps in our individual lives); I offer some words by Kenneth White, and photos taken on one of my daily walks – of a tiny poppy growing in the most inhospitable of places – a symbol of resilience and rebirth.

“the loveliness is everywhere
in the ugliest
and most hostile environment
the loveliness is everywhere
as the turning of a corner
in the eyes
and on the lips
of a stranger
in the emptiest areas
where is no place for hope
and only death
invites the heart
the loveliness is there
it emerges
it rises in its own reality
and what we must learn is
how to receive it
into ours…”                             (Kenneth White – Extract XV)

poppy 2 poppy 2

In Faith and Hope, Sheena