Considering a marriage or blessing?

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For many people, a civiflowers-260894_1280l ceremony is too brief and impersonal, yet they also feel out of place with a traditional church wedding service. They may not be churchgoers, or even ‘religious’ in the conventional sense, but they still feel a reverence for the vows they are making, and a wish to express their faith in life, in one another and in their future together. Does this apply to you?





Your child needsbaby-20339_1280 a name, thoughtfully given and a welcome from the family and the blessing of your community. Your child needs the open expression of your love and your commitment to its future.

When a new life is celebrated in a Unitarian church, we affirm the inherent worth of that person and his or her potential for making a difference in the world. Any notion of inherited sinfulness of institutional authority over this life is alien to our way of thinking and acting.