Weekly Meditation at Meadrow Chapel

A chance to pause, encounter stillness and calm the mind.

Wednesday evenings from 7pm

7:00 pm Chapel open, recorded music
7:15 pm Instruction in basic meditation practice for those who would find it helpful
7:30 pm – 8:00pm SILENCE (please enter quietly)
From 8:00 – 8:30 pm there will be an opportunity for feedback and discussion which is optional.
contact: Sheena Gabriel 01483 427204

Sessions are free (donations welcome), open to beginners and those who have experience of meditation. The 15 minutes of input at the beginning of sessions offers a range of simple meditation techniques drawn from various traditions (e.g. mindfulness of the breath, loving kindness practice) which may provide a useful focal point. However, whilst we offer suggestions, people are invited to use the half hour silence that follows, in whatever way is most useful for them – using their own meditation technique if that feels more comfortable, or just sitting in silent contemplation.

We do not emphasise any particular religious orientation and recognise that people have differing reasons for wanting to meditate – for some it may be a part of their spiritual practice; for others it may be a means of achieving physical and psychological well-being. People are welcome to come to sessions on a weekly, or an occasional basis; though to achieve full benefits, it is recommended that meditation is practiced on a regular basis.

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